Frequently asked questions...

We understand that every church does things a little differently and that coming to a church for the first time may be a little intimidating. We want everyone who comes along, whether once or for a lifetime, to feel like they know what to expect from our church meetings. Here are some answers to a few questions you might have. If your question isn't answered here, please send us an email.

Q: How long does the church gathering go for?

A: We begin at 9:30am and are usually finished the teaching, singing and prayer aspects of church by 10:30am. However, our time together continues as we all head into our hall for morning tea together (no cost).

Q: What do kids do during the service?

A: Our church services are family gatherings, aimed at all ages. Each Sunday we always include a Kids' Talk and sometimes a Kids' Song. There are also toddler-friendly parts of the building for those who find it hard to sit still for an hour. No one cares if children make noise: we love having children with us. For more detailed information about our ministry to children, click here.

Q: What kind of music do you sing?

A: We believe that there is no such thing as Christian music, only Christian lyrics. We understand that people’s taste in music varies greatly. At the moment we mainly sing well-known hymns to our organ, but we are beginning to introduce more contemporary songs and kids' songs, to ensure there's "something for everyone."

Q: What should we wear?

A: At our Sunday gatherings you will see everything from suits to shorts. It's entirely up to you. We believe also believe that all Christians are 'priests', so our church leaders do not wear anything special.

Q: Will I be asked to give money?

A: We never ask our guests to give anything … simply enjoy the teaching and fellowship that is offered as a gift from our family to you. Of course you can make an donation if you wish, but none is ever expected from visitors. That is the responsibility of our members.